Freaks on Parade

It was five o'clock somewhere. And that means, starting time. In what had become a series of days off, the idea of getting started doesn't come fast enough. I had forgotten all about the parade until Sam reminds me from behind the bar. Twelve o'clock she says, and it'll be passing by her doors. She's … Continue reading Freaks on Parade

Max Revenge Prologue

If asked or pressed on the matter I recall most minor details, almost didactically if under oath. Recited and rehearsed now over the years to the “rememberings” of once said or done things. Much like an obligation, if it ever was one; capturing another time, another thought out of sight, out of earshot, but still … Continue reading Max Revenge Prologue


a short by DB Rhys The sun was high in the sky and the billowy clouds in the distance where slowly forming what would become tonight’s reason to stay inside. The grass flowed to and fro with the cascading winds jockeying their position for the rain already being smelled in the air. I was skipping … Continue reading Snort