Creations Beginning

In the beginning God created Heaven and Heaven was good and glorious in its sight, but it was vast and empty. So God, being alone and contemplative, created angels. These angels gave fellowship to God and served beside him as he decided what would be next to create.

After almost half of forever one angel, Lucifer—the first angel created, grew tired of the conversations about the many different ways and jealous with the idea of more creations. He convinced half of his brothers to join him in saying, “No more,” to God for they loved Heaven just as it was with him.

Michael, the second created angel defended God’s ambitions of these new creations because he was excited to see the possibilities of what wonderful things could be. This created the first division—two sides and the first conflict—in Heaven. And, the second unholy thing not created by God.

The angels began to quarrel and the quarrels led to fighting. The fights would rage on for eons and eons and never saw one side best their brother. God bored with the Lucifer’s creation and with its sight and demanded it stop. He called for the two sides to assemble and come meet before him.

Standing before God Lucifer felt angered by his embarrassment of this creation of conflict. But he was too prideful to admit he and it had dirtied Heaven. Michael loved his brother and showed him the chaos that had been created. Lucifer pulled away from Michael and ripped out a piece of his own wing and stabbed out with it cutting Michael on his throat.

Michael clutched his neck. Confused by the stinging pain he went to a knee. Moments went by in silence until Michael found himself. When he pulled his hand away there was a shimmering wetness. He held up his hand to God and God said, “Blood of my blood.”

Michael rose and turned to his brothers, his hand still raised above him and they all saw his blood. Michael turned from his brothers and looked to God for guidance.

Lucifer felt sympathy for Michael and his weakness but turned his back at the sight of them and rejoined his followers.

God beckoned Michael to him and healed him by holding him in a loving embrace. When he pulled away his hand God looked at the blood of his angel and grew angry. From the blood still on his hand he fashioned the first sword.

Be the sword of God, Michael. The sword of all that is righteous and avenge for me this which has brought us no good.”

Vengeance, created by God, shall be his by the almighty sword.

Michael leapt up to lead half of Heaven’s angels into battle against the other. When Lucifer saw this newly created sword of Gods in an instant he coveted it. He ordered his minions to attack Michael so that he may have it and wield it against God himself.

Lucifer’s army was no match for Michael as he swooped down into them. He fought with veracity, determination and speed to a devastating effect, smiting a thousand angels with a single swing of the blade.

This battle did not rage on as the others had. It only took mere moments for Michael to tear through Lucifer’s army and come face to face with his older brother. Lucifer’s numbers had become half and were out numbered two to one. Michael’s angels stood to both sides of Lucifer’s and took them by their arms. Michael stood stoic with God’s blade raised to Lucifer’s throat. It was done.

Lucifer was brought before God by Michael alone. He was made to stand at God’s left so he could witness the fate of his actions on his army of brother angels. One at a time his followers were led forward and forced to kneel and wait for God’s words.

Did he convince you by deceit or do you believe as he believes?” God would ask them.

The believers would rise and stand to the left of Lucifer. They were legions, the believers who fought against God. Those who were deceived numbered but only sixty. God castrated them for they had showed themselves to be weak and named them the sinisters.

God asked them to choose again now they had been disciplined, Michael and his righteousness or Lucifer and his sinful sinister ways of betrayal. Out of anger thirty-three chose Lucifer. Twenty-seven chose Michael. Those twenty-seven God made the most beautiful of all his angels as a reminder of the wondrousness, and frailty his creations would all now possess.

God turned to Lucifer and gifted to him his own now tainted Heaven.

Here you shall reign and here I shall never be again for it has been defiled and demeaned and is no longer worthy of me.”

God stripped Lucifer, and his followers, of their heavenly wings for Lucifer himself had shown God they could not be trusted with them. He stripped them of their title, angel, and renamed them demons. For they had shown themselves to be not angelic in their service at all but demeaners of God.

In defiance Lucifer looked to the creator and said, “Even though I wished not for this or that of new creations, now that you’ve shown me I can, I will. You will look upon my creations and weep in jealousy for they are not your own.”

God ascended without a word and brought with him Michael, the general to his loyal army of brothers—and sisters. Their ascension was at such a speed it set Lucifer’s Heaven aflame.

God created space to separate himself from sight of the fire and from Lucifer then created a Heaven where only the righteous would ever be allowed to dwell.

And, so it was how Heaven lost half of all its angels—and hell came to be.