DB Rhys It is with heavy heart, as I write here pondering the tale to tell my dear reader of how I feel about the 13th day of February, a Friday as if it at all matters to the larger scheme of the matter. I am forced into this position to be the bearer of … Continue reading Apprentice

A Murder at the Vatican

DB Rhys Cardinal Giuseppe Valenchio walked off the elevator as if nothing out of the normal was on his mind. The hallway lights of the Vatican Two apartments had already been dimmed as was the custom after 7:00 PM. Sister Margret's apartment was the first door to the left of the elevator. He knocked and … Continue reading A Murder at the Vatican

Wing and a Prayer

DB Rhys Does typing on a phone's small keyboard in the memos application about your frame of mind and Last Will hold up in a probate dispute between angry relatives after they've learned you've hermitted and mizered your ass off to the tune of millions—and none of them were on your favorite person's list? I … Continue reading Wing and a Prayer

Lonely Sofie

Her name was Sofie and we all remember well her brilliant orange hair and light brown eyes. Having just reached the age of ten she couldn't weigh more than five stones, even though she was almost as tall already as her older sister, who had the exact same birthday four years earlier. The fastest growing … Continue reading Lonely Sofie

The Boogeyman

“What brings you to Rio,” the old bar tender asks. His large yellow floral print shirt untucked reminds me of a simpler time. A time before I knew the ways of the secretive world of spies and killers. A time when I enjoyed sitting in a fake cabana drinking what the bar tenders at the … Continue reading The Boogeyman

Greater Good

When it's the greater good is at risk the conscience wains. Scidad tried to tell himself he was doing what needed to be done. These experiments would someday lead him to the answers, the advancements no one but him could think possible. These advancements would change the world for the best, for the betterment of … Continue reading Greater Good